• About fiyatimBu

    Money is made when you buy, not when you sell.

    30+ years of experience in sourcing is now open for all retail businesses to benefit.

    4 years after our founding team took the first step based on an innovative idea, we have grown to hundreds of suppliers across the globe serving customers all around the world. Striving to make "Sourcing the best value" easier, we believe that establishing deep relationships with high-integrity, great suppliers, and reaching out to a selected, yet wide network of such partners makes wonders.

    We take our inspiration from our customers' satisfaction. From the smallest retail accessories such as apparel and basic kitchen tools to larger everyday products such as simple furniture and large children's toys , we can help.

    Our entire team is committed to making sure our customers win. Our team's experience dates back to 1987, and our diverse set of members is situated across the globe from Menlo Park, CA to Istanbul, working around the clock to set the highest bar.

    See more about our story and team at https://www.fiyatimbu.com/hakkimizda.

  • Key Steps

    A simple routine. Mastered with experience.

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    Tell us what you need.

    State preferences and brands. Even upload a list as you wish.

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    Our experts research and negotiate.

    It's a numbers game. Our high quality and wide network amazes.

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    Best offers surface.

    Choose from an organized, high quality list from authorized suppliers.

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    At your convenience.

    Say when and where. We coordinate the logistics.

  • The Synergy of Experience in Multiple Industries

    Our expertise areas

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    Retail products

    Low cash outlay, high volume consumer goods

    From well-known Turkish towels to simple kitchen tools or plastic toddler toys, our team has deep relationships with select local suppliers who also manufacture the best quality for world's top brands.

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    Non-manufacturing goods

    Every input counts, even on everyday items

    We research to find the best value for non-manufacturing supplies, and provide our expert recommendation throughout the estimated lifetime of the products.

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    Project-specific machinery

    Solving for the right goal

    Our team's international expertise spans multiple projects in various settings. We take pride in solving for your unique sourcing challenges, whatever your project requires.

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    Production tools

    Niche production lines? Let's make it the best.

    Sourcing is an ever-changing task, which requires deep research to find the right tools, even if it means products yet to be manufactured soon for your needs.







  • The Source of our Blog

    Experience is meant to be shared.

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    January 12, 2021
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    Why should I use your service?

    In short, it's a numbers game:

    Would you save if you reached tens of suppliers, instead of just a few?

    Would you save money if you had lots of orders for your suppliers, from many customers?

    Would you save time AND money if you turned to an expert already has mastered certain relationships?

    A "YES" on all of the above is the "WHY".

    How much do your services cost?

    In most cases, nothing. With the exception of few custom contracts for some customers, we do not charge the businesses we serve. We make money from small margins on sales prices.

    Which industries do you serve?

    The majority of our supplier relationships are in large appliances, office appliances, industrial equipment (ACs, lifts, engines, 3D print related), and medical equipment (except drugs). We thus get the best of our prices in these areas. However, we serve orders from a variety of other industries, with the exception of Food and Drugs.

    Buying in bulk and wholesale for non-manufacturing supplies is also our expertise as we accumulate demand from multiple corporations.

    Which countries do you serve?

    We are currently serving USA, Canada, Turkey, Romania, Central Asia, and the UK.


    How can we help?

    Gayrettepe Mahallesi, Rüştübey Sk. No:2, 34349 Beşiktaş, İstanbul
    M-F 8am-8pm
    Menlo Park, CA office
    650 701-7810