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Mentor Someone in 2021

Helping others impacts business AND employees as individuals. 

We'll keep it short. In our second meeting of the year, we had a discussion about hopes and dreams for 2021. Part of our team has had the blessing of mentoring others and seeing it change their lives and careers for the better.

We thus set it as a goal for all team members to actively seek or be open to saying "yes" to lending a hand in something they already know about (doesn't have to be much). Our hope is that we'll all experience the pleasure of helping, yes, but we'll also likely all:

  • Become better in that subject
  • Learn new things on the matter ourselves
  • Build our personal brands in the subject matter
  • Form new and helpful connections
  • Even maybe improve the business as a result of all of this. 
That's it. We highly recommend you do the same for your company, division, small team, or yourself as an individual. Commit now....
Seriously, think about your next action NOW. You and hopefully many others will see the benefits.