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Yes, it is all about the Team

it really, really is.

This morning we had our weekly touch-base meeting. It's a special time. There are a few reasons as to why it's so special:

  • Everybody feels it's time well spent. We don't meet everyday. This is sometimes our only meeting in the week. Nobody feels like it's a drag. There are almost always decisions made in the meeting. We don't meet to discuss. We meet to take action. 
  • Yes, there is chit-chat, and it's even too short sometimes. But the important thing is that We are "genuinely" interested in each other's well-being. I want to know how my teammate's family is doing, how they are feeling. Really... 
  • Every comment made, every update mentioned is of value. 
  • We prioritize important decisions. If there's nothing else resolved, it should be those that are resolved. 
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  • We come up with good ideas. It's amazing how you can definitely think "dramatically better" as a team (a good and small team), no matter how much you think you've spent time on any subject matter, the team will always take it further. 
  • We all feel the team members are in control of what they are doing. It breeds trust, increases our confidence, and pushes us forward even more to help them succeed. 

ALL of the above is true, because the team itself is a fantastic team. Elif, Murat, Merve, Sevket, Levent, Bahadir, Yunus. Each of them. They know their respective areas. They own the outcome. Together. They care.

They own the outcome. Together. They Care.

I am, we are, proud of our team. Everybody has become a master of their craft, and nobody boasts to be a know-it all. With a humble attitude, we all learn something new every single day, and every single time we meet.

If we are having the busiest week of all, with multiple orders pending and inquiries from customers and multiple decisions that need to be handled, our minds are still at ease. Thank God we have a great team. The team can handle it. Grow and learn from it. Our customers, partners, and all those who put their trust in us: You are in great hands.

To my teammates:

"Ellerinize saglik (*) for all you do".

Written by a team member. Doesn't matter who. We are a team.

(*) "Ellerinize saglik" is literally translated as "Health to your hands", however, the meaning it carries is that of appreciation towards the ones providing the service.